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Dog rescue, bizarre circumstances

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    Kayak Fisherman Rescues Dog

    http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/1599/dogrescue.jpg [Broken]

    The poor injured dog, front paw injured from the hit and run, was so freaked he jumped in the ocean and swam to get away, how sad, and at the same time how lucky for him to be spotted and rescued by the Kayaker. The guy that hit the dog and his owner was fleeing another hit and run at the time. It doesn't get any more bizarre than this.

    Rhody... o:)
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    Poor pooch. I hope somebody wants to take him in. He looks like Duke.
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    So lucky for the dog. Such a tragedy. Manslaughter is not severe enough for that drunk. For what he did, lock him up and throw away the key.
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    Awww poor doggy. What a lucky dog and lucky fisherman!! How could you a hit a dog and keep driving? I mean...I know people hit and run people too. Wouldn't you stop? I know I would regardless of my state of mind.
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    Funny how people are sympathetic for the dog and don't even seem to care about it's owner being killed...
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    Funny how people care for dogs but eat cows.
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    That's a completely irrelevant comparison. Cows are grown for food, and some people do eat dogs.

    A human being was killed, and people care more about a dog getting its paw hurt.
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    Dogs are considered cute and adorable by many people, hence the emotional response.
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    Uh...no, there was a possibility the dog may have died while swimming in fear from hypothermia, you missed the point. You seem to enjoy taking controversial opinions in my humble opinion for attention. This is not the first time either. There are better and more productive ways to contribute and interact with others, your choice, however.

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    Apparantly you've never had dogs, because they surely do have emotions.
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