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Door closer spring and damping coefficients.

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    I am designing a test rig for golf clubs at the university of nottinghamm, and due to a large spending spree, don't have much of my budget left. As a result of which, I was hoping to use a door closer as a spring damper system.

    Does anyone have any idea of rough values of the damping coefficients of these devices, the spring constants seem to be somewhere in the range of 5-20 N.M/rad. We have tried emailing and ringing manufacturers but they all think that we are trying to use the data for industrial espionage and tell us to buy some units and put them in test rig. This is quite impractical and time consuming. Anyone able to help?
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    Can you test some of the units that are in service right there in your institution? Just move your test rig into the hallway and conduct your test. There is nothing like real data that you measure yourself.
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