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Dot product of tensors?

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    I was trying to follow a proof that uses the dot
    product of two rank 2 tensors, as in A dot B.

    How is this dot product calculated?

    A is 3x3, Aij, and B is 3x3, Bij, each a rank 2 tensor.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I've never heard of a dot product of tensors. Can you give us more details? Tip: If this is from a book, check if it's available at books.google.com. You might even be able to show us the specific page where you found this.
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    I found this reference online that lists a potential intepretation:


    It lists the dot product of two rank-2 tensors U, V in 3-space as:


    Does that look right?


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    nevermind i was thinking of something else.
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    I suspected that. I didn't know that anyone uses term "dot product" about rank 2 tensors, but if they do, it's logical that they mean precisely that. I don't see a reason to call it a dot product though. To me, that's just the definition of matrix multiplication, and if we insist on thinking of U and V as tensors, then the operation would usually be described as a ''contraction" of two indices of the rank 4 tensor that you get when you take what your text calls the "dyadic product" of U and V.
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