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Homework Help: Drawing D flip flop using T flip flop

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    Draw a D flip-flop using a T flip flop and combinational logic

    3. The attempt at a solution

    - I'm not even sure where to start with something like this. I'm trying to figure out how they relate and how you would be able to use one to draw the other. I know that in the standard design for a T flip flop that it uses a D flip flop, but I don't know how you would draw a D using a T. Please help.
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    Well, if you're allowed simple logic (NOT, AND, OR, XOR, XNOR, etc.), it's pretty simple.

    Remember that any flip flop can be used to make any other type of flip flop. To figure out how to do this, write out a truth table with Q and \Q (Q-bar), the D input, and your desired Q_next and \Q_next. Then figure out when you need to toggle, and how to represent this simply using Q or \Q and D.
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    Thanks. that helped a lot.
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