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Driving requirement of a typical ear phone of small walkman or IPOT

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    I want to make a quick and simplest little battery amplifier circuit to amplifier the guitar to drive a headphone of a walkman or IPOT type where people wear to do workout or walking. What is the typical input impedance and input voltage.

    I don't need high quality sound, just amplifier the signal of about 1mV to 2mV. Can I typical op-amp be used?

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    Most headphones are one of two types.

    "High impedance" phones have a standard impedance of 600 ohms. "Low impedance" phones are usually around 50 ohms, but could be anything between say 30 and 100.

    Cheap headphones tend to be low impedance, because they "sound louder" driven from the same voltage level.
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    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I need more than a common op-amp to drive it.
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