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Homework Help: Using op-amps, which have a gain x bandwidth constant

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    Using op-amps, which have a gain x bandwidth constant of 500,000, design the following circuits. Include circuit diagrams, the appropriate theory and details of how you calculated the values of all the components used.

    (i) An inverting amplifier with a gain of 500, having an input impedance of 20kΩ.

    (ii) A differential amplifier, which amplifies the voltage difference between two signals, V1 and V2, by a factor of -10

    (iii) A current to voltage converter, capable of converting 100mA into 1V.

    I have no idea how to work this out, please help. thank you.
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    could you do one for me then i will understand the method thanks
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    That is not how the PF works. YOU do the work, or we can't help you.
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