Drug abuse

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Dear Moe,

This is hard, since the monitors deem this an inappropriate topic for discussion here.

I agree with them, but am concenred about you, since you seem to be a user.

Let me just say without further ado, drug use is harmful to you in the long run, as it is sort of like burning your candle at both ends.

I.e. although it may seem stimulating in the short run, it shortens your creative life, and your physical life.

I apologize for this post Russ, apparently against the spirit of the forum, but I felt a concern for the well being of a member.

feel free to lock this.

best wishes,
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thanks, I appreciate that.

p.s: no sarcasm.. just thought I'd clarify that. sometimes things take on a different tone than you intend them to on the internet lol.

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