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Dual black holes

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    Fisrst excuse me if the topic has already been addressed. I have made a quick research and i didn´t fint it.

    I talk about these:


    A preliminar interpretation of it was as a black hole.

    Someone suggested me to do a researtcho for "dual black holes" and i went into an article wich describes it as somthing related to branes and al that (as soon as i guesss what´s is bad with the ocnfiguration of acrobat reader in my computer i´ll post the url)

    Anyway. It looks that something very black hole like is at the RIHC.

    Have any of you readed about it? What is your opinion?
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    Some believe the RHIC has produced the right kind of particle signature to qualify as a black hole according to some versions of string theory. This is, however, a minority viewpoint. What the RHIC researchers are expecting to see is a quark-gluon plasma: an extremely dense and hot form of matter believed to have existed shortly after the big bang. Here are some links:]
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