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Dual Nature of Photon (and such particles) - WHY?

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    I know that photons and other particles of comparatively smaller dimension show dual nature. But why? Can someone help me? :confused:
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    Why the idea was proposed?
    Or how the experimental data suggest/confirm that?
    Or what is the underlying theory that gives rise to wave-particle duality?

    Which one is the meaning of your "why" ?
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    Doug Huffman

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    Macroscopic entities also have wave-like properties, as a literature search will show. Whys about nature are teleologic.
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    You mean the so called wave particle duality?

    Surprisingly the answer is they don't - the wave particle duality is simply a concept from popularisations and beginning texts - see our FAQ:

    Its really quantum stuff.

    What's quantum stuff - I think the following is a good place to start on that interesting lifelong journey:

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    Thank you for your reply, but are you saying that photons do not have dual nature?
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    Photons are quantum objects that have their own single nature. They act in some ways that are reminiscent of classical particles, and in other ways that are reminiscent of classical waves.

    Do you know the tale about the blind men and the elephant?
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    One felt a leg and likened the elephant to a tree. Another felt the tail and likened the elephant to a rope. The third felt something and likened it to something else. All were correct, and none had any idea what an elephant looked like or was.
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    OK, so a photon has many characteristics, I get it... My point being, why quantum particles have both wave as well as particle nature? Is there any boundaries for this characteristic?
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    The full theory tells you when and why.

    For example the solution of Schroedinger's equation for a free particle is wave-like. Why? Its just the way the math works. Why the math - see the first three chapters of Ballentine:

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