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E and M waveguide theory spec. co-axial

  1. Nov 29, 2011 #1
    Hi all-

    just looking for a few good references deriving the mode structure of coaxial waveguides. I have read through griffiths a few times but was not really happy. further consulted an edition of landau and lifgarbagez, but again came away dissatisfied. While I realise and understand what each text is doing, I need something that can he me understand naming conventions for different modes and approaches for analysing modes once identified. possibly actually need like and engineering text of some kind.


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    Check out these Rad Lab books:
    Ragan, Microwave Transmission Circuits
    Marcuvitz, Waveguide Handbook
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    I'd also add Balanis' "Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics." I just flipped through and he does not specifically discuss the coaxial cable like I thought he did, but he does discuss a large variety of waveguides (cylindrical included) and that will also give you a good background of the physics and conventions of the devices. Plus he also has some nice field distribution plots for the various modes of a circular waveguide that may prove to be elucidating.
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    thanks for that I will look those up at the library and see if I can find them.
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