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Earthquake Prediction for 2004,for the World

  1. Oct 2, 2004 #1
    Dear Sirs,
    I send you the next earthquake prediction for the
    World for 2004.
    15th of September,8th of October,10th and 19th and
    21th and 25th of November(maybe earthquake storm),7th
    and 19th of December
    Mongolia:28th of September
    Algeria:7th-8th of September,28th of October
    17th and 27th of September,1st-2nd and 10th and 12th
    and 16th 29th of October(maybe earthquake storm),6th
    and 12th and 19th of November,19th of December
    4th of September,14th and 27th of October,6th and
    21,22,23,24,25 of Novenber(maybe earthquake storm),4th
    and 10th and 16th and 22th of December
    14th of October,
    7th of November,
    From 19th to 24th of November(maybe earthquake storm),
    6th of December
    30th of August,from 18th to 23th of November,9th and
    16th of December
    11th and 29th of October,13th and 19th of
    November,23th of December
    I claim that in California,Los Angeles do not earthquake on the 5th of September 2004.
    If you are interested earthquake prediction in the past you can open in yahoo.com here:"earthquake prediction by Boyko Iliev".
    You can open here:www.free.top.bg/laquakes[/URL]
    Thank you. :surprised :surprised :eek: :devil: :zzz: :biggrin:
    With Respect: Boyko Iliev
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    Would it be too much trouble to give us the winning lottery numbers for next week?
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