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Effects of an EMP Bomb Questions

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    I've read several posts, but still have some questions;

    1) Will electronic devices that are not turned on be effected by the bomb? (ie: TV, Computers, elec. motors)

    2) How long after the bomb is activated will the effects last? Surely this is only a short term thing other then the damage that is caused to electronics when the bomb is activated.

    3) Will the use of a portable generator work after the bomb has been activated? Will it be able to power up the electronic devises that were turned off at the time of the bomb's use.
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    1) They can be. It really depends on the device; some are more sensitive to EMP when they are turned off than when they are on.

    2) Well, unless the pulse destroys something (or e.g. erases the contents of RAM, HD etc in computers) the effects will only last for the duration of the pulse

    3) If they are still working. I don't think an EMP pulse will have much effect on e.g. a diesel generator. Generally speaking "low-tech" equipment is not very sensitive to EMP.
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    I thought you might find this link helpful-http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/hpm.htm

    Here is a section of the link site, though I don't completely agree with their exact description of the bodily harm caused by the microwaves of the bomb due to their lack of available longterm statistics -"Collateral damage from E-bombs is dependent on the size and design of the specific bomb. An E-bomb that utilizes explosive power to obtain its damaging microwaves will result in typical blast and shrapnel damage. Ideally, an E-Bomb would be designed to minimize and dissipate most of the mechanical collateral damage. Human exposure to microwave radiation is hazardous within several meters of the epicenter. However, there is a relatively low risk of bodily damage at further distances."
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    More info on the effects of microwave radiation on the human body-http://www.goodhealthinfo.net/radiation/health_efx_western.htm
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