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Effects of gravity on a pendulum

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    i have been doing research on the effects of gravity on a pendulum but i still cant seem to find the relationship between the two.

    what i got so far is that gravity wont stop the pendulum but air resistance and friction would do the job and that gravity will only affect its oscillation? by making its trip smaller?

    also a pendulum runs on sine/cosine curve?? how will gravity affect the period that it takes a pendulum to cycle through?

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    Hello bryans1mic.Google "time period of a pendulum".
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    --^^ hi, i checked the link but it really didnt help much

    im doing a gravitational acceleration lab and im trying to understand how gravity works on a pendulum.


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    Hello bryan.In a nutshell as the pendulum moves down gravity causes it to speed up and as it rises gravity causes it to slow down.The full analysis is well documented but a bit lengthy and I am confident you will get the information at the level you need by googling "simple harmonic motion".Have a look and if there is anything you don't understand then come back here.
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