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Effects of temperature/pressure on power output

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    How much power would be produced when using an independently powered supply of 100 pound/min air at 3bar/40F air on a 6.2L GM LS V8. Excess air will be vented to atmosphere with relief valves to stabilize the air flow to the throttle valve.
    What are the factors need to be considered when planning to optimize engines to be operated under these conditions.
    What factors would be unique to using non engine produced air supply under this these conditions.
    I am interested in exploring how to take full advantage of the VVT and direct injection on the upcoming Corvette DI engine. VVT may allow intake air flow to sweep and cool the combustion chamber under boost.
    With no fuel in the chamber on the compression stroke the timing of injection and spark can be manipulated in many new ways.
    What is possible with this new hardware?
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    The weight of the vessels that provide the air is a consideration but the biggest thing is how to regulate the flow.

    There is a dragster in Don Garlit's florida museum in which they tried it but the car had other teething issues that doomed it.


    Mickey Thompson also experimented with it and it was possibly used in a drag car driven by Danny Ongais.

    I tossed this idea when going to using a small turbine to power the supercharger but there are tons of hurdles to solve.
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