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Electric Blanket for a flow rig

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    Hi all,

    I'm designing a flow rig for my project. I'm running out of ideas on how to keep the rig at constant temperature of about 30C. The rig is made of acrylic, 10mm diameter, and the total length is about 1m.
    Any kind of input is appreciated.

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    Welcome to PF.

    You will need to figure out how much energy input is required to keep it at 30 C.

    Given the length of 1m, your simpliest solution is likely electric heat trace cable. You can get a simple controller to maintain your 30C setpoint. Then insulate around the heat trace cable and put your temperature instrument that feeds the controller at a location you consider to be the average temperature.
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    Hi edge, thank you for your reply. I've been trying to use heat trace cable but it is hard to maintain the temperature at 30C without any insulation.
    What sort of insulation do you think i use?
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    I would recommend fiberglas or mineral wool. If you need something with some structural strength you can use calcium silicate.
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