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so is a tablet pc any usefull in this career or I am better of getting a regular laptop?
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lol I doubt it. I am doing electrical engineering atm and i really have no use for a tablet or even a laptop for that matter. Calculations and diagrams are much easier to do on paper I am afraid.
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any other student?
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Depends on your taste. I personally prefer scrawling notes in a new paper notebook which I purchase every start of the semester.
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so don't waste the money and get a regular small laptop?
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any other student?

I knew a guy who wrote all his notes on his tablet, and did all his homework on it (he hand-wrote his engineering assignments on it and then resized and printed them off on engineering paper so that it all fit properly). Absolutely key: back everything up (external enclosure, big USB key, etc.) just in case of catastrophic failure.

I knew another guy who just typed up his notes (while in class!) and typed up all his assignments (using mostly LaTeX) on his regular laptop.

...But it sounds like you've already got your mind set, and just want somebody to give you a counterexample to the one post above.

EDIT: But the above two were exceptions; most people took regular paper notes and did their assignments by hand on paper. Based on the homework I and my colleagues have graded, this continues to be the trend.
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As a professor (of physics... but often assigned the intro calc-based physics classes for engineers), I will say I've never seen a student with a tablet PC in my classes, though I've seen many laptops.

As a graduate student, we had ONE (out of forty+) in our incoming class have a tablet PC... and the rest of us always felt he was using it less for usefulness and more for "showing off" (since they were quite pricey at that time... and most, if not all, of us didn't even use laptops). He wasn't very popular with our class as a result... and I think that hurt him academically, since a lot of times we would work and study together.

I agree with MATLABdude... even with more and more students owning laptops, most people still take regular notes and do their assignments by hand on paper. (Note that after having a dismal rate with homework submission via an online system, I'm reverting back to paper submission of all my homework assignments.) I think students like laptops because they can take them to the library, coffee-shops, etc... and they also take up less room on a desk (of course maybe my office just needs cleaned so I have better desk space!).

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