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Homework Help: Electric field affecting a charged particle question

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    At the moment I'm trying to figure out charged particle in electric field behavior and there's a type of question that seems to be confusing me lots.
    Ok, here's such a question that i'm not sure about:

    A virus rests on the bottom plate of oppositely charged parallel plates in the
    vacuum chamber of an electron microscope. The electric field strength between
    the plates is 2.00 × 105 N/C, and the bottom plate is negative. If the virus has a
    mass of 1.00 × 10–15 kg and suddenly acquires a charge of –1.60 × 10–19 C, what
    are its velocity and position 75.0 ms later? Do not disregard gravity.
    Answer: ( y = 6.24 cm )

    I was trying to apply conservation of energy but I'm not sure how to involve the time aspect. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks
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    Doc Al

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    To find the time, start by finding the acceleration.
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