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Electric Field really constant in a wire?

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    How close is this assumption to reality.

    Take for example a parallel plate capacitor with charge Q and -Q. Connect to the outside of the plates a wire with resistance R.

    As the electrons move from the -Q plate along the half loop to the +Q plate would they not experience a electric field starting at a maximum, decreasing to a minimum and then back to a maximum.
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    in reality the wire could have many impurities spread throughout which would add to its resistance. This is the reason wires are relatively thin, it is likely that the impurities are random in this case and it would come down the statistical distributions etc. But for most practical applications is safe to assume that yes it will be constant.

    the field through the wire which you described i think is correct for a full cycle of the capacitor, i.e discharge plate 1, charging plate 2, discharging plate 2 charging plate 1.
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