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Homework Help: Electric flux trough an infinite plane 2

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    Sorry, what I posted earlier was wrong.. here is the question:

    an charge Q is at the origin. Find the electric flux an infinite plane at z distance from z axis.

    Please check my attempts to the solution. Please check what's wrong in it because until now I am not getting the correct answer.. thanks a lot. click the link below:

    figure: http://pic40.picturetrail.com/VOL359/11337670/20318718/330158477.jpg
    solution: http://pic40.picturetrail.com/VOL359/11337670/20318718/330158480.jpg
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    Man! That is REALLY hard to read. I usually don't pester people about using TeX, but that's pretty bad. The sheer font wackiness is awful. I think you are forgetting that dS=2*pi*r*dr. Note the r. I'd be more sure, but I can't look at that jpg again. It hurts my eyes. :)
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    You don't have to integrate it to find the flux. Think in terms of Gauss law and electric field lines and you can avoid all the maths.
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