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Electric potential at certain point from charged sphere

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    Let's say I have a sheet of charge that is composed of a certain amount of charged atoms summing up to Q and a certain area A. The charge density would be Q/A = σ. I wish to find the elctrostatic potential from the sheet at point X. I believe that the electric potential should follow the equation:

    V = (σX)/ ε_0

    However, shouldn't the potential decrease as I travel away from the sheet? If I have a sphere of charge and I travel away from it, then this is the case. Why is this situation different?

    EDIT: I meant sheet in the title ofthe post. I just had the sphere idea in my mind at the time!
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    Hi TheCammen,

    1. Strictly speaking, the relation is valid for an infinite sheet only .

    2. The potential difference between two points , one at X1 and the other at X2 ( X2>X1) is

    V=-σ(X2-X1)/ε0 ( pay attention to the minus sign). And as you see the potential does decrease as you travel away from the sheet.
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