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Electric potential energy and its applications

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    Hi guys
    I just want to make sure that my understanding of potential difference is right or wrong I just want someone to tell me whether my understanding is right or wrong.
    I know that when we move a charge if it's attracted to another charge it gain potential energy and when we leave it it lose energy as kinetic energy and in a battery the electrons have potential energy and they lose it as they travell from the negative terminal to the positive terminal as kinetic energy and also voltage drop affect their energy right ????????
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    Hi Ahmad,

    Take a case of an electron (-ve charge) moving from a -ve potential to a +ve potential, it will be attracted towards the +ve potential and hence it will gain kinetic energy. On the other hand to move it from a +ve potential to a -ve potential, work has to be done on it as it is a -ve charge.

    The KE gained per unit charge in the first case or the work done per unit charge as in the 2nd case in moving a charge from one potential to the other is defined as the Potential difference.
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    And they may lose energy as heat as they travel through the resistors right ?????
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    Yes, and that heat energy dissipated per unit charge across the resistor is also equivalent to the work done per unit charge.
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    Why changing magnetic flux in a coil induce a current can you explain that electronically
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    ....induces a voltage? That's Faraday's Law of induction.

    No, I can't explain the phenomenon, though I am pleased it happens. :smile:
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