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to start with.... i love electrical engineering but i am even more interested in the deeper phenomena accompanying electrical engineering concepts. i do not have a glaring academic background...i did my under graduation from a mediocre university here in newdelhi(india). my flare for physics is basically due to the electrodynamics(the electromagnetic field theory course i took during engg..). personally i want to learn the deeper meaning of certain concepts presented to me as an electrical engineer. but frankly here in india there is whole different scenario. my family requires me to indulge in employment as soon as possible.its hard to decide which road to take on specially when i dont have anyone to discuss my problem with. also i do not have dazzling academic background too.

it would be very helpful if anybody could tell me the pro and cons...and what are career options and what i specifically need to do to associate myself with physics specially with respect to options that i have here in india...

i would be indebted...please help me
thanks in advance

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I do not know what options you have in your country, but you do not need to get a physics degree to learn more of the background upon which your EE training rests. Once you are finished with school, nothing is stopping you from studying on your own to gain deeper insight into what you learned in school. I find myself doing this all the time - it makes me a better engineer and is enjoyable as well. Like you, I really enjoyed electromagnetic theory as an undergraduate electrical engineering major; I ended up pursuing graduate school in electrical engineering which allowed me to go a bit deeper into that. Perhaps a graduate degree in engineering makes sense for you? Again, I am not familiar with your opportunities in India.

best regards,

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thax alot jason...that makes sense...in fact i am preparing for GATE(exam in india to pursue M.S/M.Tech)...i also like to mess with feymann lectures every now and then whenever i get that physics craving. may be pursuing MS is a better idea...

could you possibly suggest any references for learning the displacement current and maxwell's time-varying equations in a more deeper and fulfilling manner.

thanx again

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