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Studying Electrical Engineering Tutor Needed

  1. Aug 2, 2016 #1

    I am currently distance learning an electrical engineering course from a marine college. I have study material and past exam papers. Unfortunately the college wont mark my practice exam papers so I don´t know if I am getting the correct results. Does anyone know of any online lecturers that could help? I don´t expect anyone to give up their free time free of charge so a paid or subscription site is fine.

    I don´t think the questions are of a particularly high level - mostly series and parallel AC impedance, Kirchhoff law, ring main voltage drops, Wheatstone bridges, zenor diode regulators etc...


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    You might also buy some EE workbooks or solutions guides (sometimes your text will have an auxiliary solutions book available). But you might also consider the following:
    There are several others and without knowing your actual course curriculum, it is difficult to recommend others. However the recommendations above are very useful for electrical engineering and all are inexpensive compared typical textbook costs.
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