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Electrical engineers site work- Notes & requirements

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    I am design electrical engieer, & as part of my job i am responsible to prepare fabrication & detail drawings.

    However this requires extensive experience in yard & fabrication work, since there is a lot of consumbale items that need previous experience to make the correct details & correct fabrication drawing.

    Through the internet there are many books that talk engineering & design wise about electrical installation, but this is not the case for construction & installation notes.

    I am wondering if some one has & can share any document that will provide good vision about the work of electrical engineer at site, & what are the problems they face in order to improve the installation & fabrication details to reduce these difficulties.

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    What kind of systems are you typically working with? If it's regular wiring of buildings, here in the United States we use this book -- The National Electric Code:


    If you are asking about Building Automation Systems, as are used in Smart Buildings, I can probably find you some references on them... :smile:
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    Thanks berkman,

    You are absolutely correct, NEC can be very helpful.

    Actually i am working for offshore platforms installation design, so if you have any other document to share, it will be very helpful.

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