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Electromagnetic Force in Newtons

  1. Dec 28, 2015 #1
    I may be asking a ridiculous question and if so, then I apologise. Anyway, if there is an object with a charge of +1 and also another object with a charge of -1, one metre away from the first object, then what is the force between these objects in Newtons? Also is there a way in which to convert Newtons and Coulombs? Thank you for your time
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    Do you know Coulomb's Law?
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    Yep I do; although I'm not sure of its units

    F= (kq1*q2)/ r^
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    A relationship may exist in certain situations between newtons and coulombs, but they cannot be converted one to another. The words newton and coulomb are generally not capitalized. Only the symbols (since they are named after persons) are upper case.
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    Cheers for your help
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