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    Please explain "Electromagnetic force is mediated by light"

    We have talked about light behaving as a wave and a particle. Having trouble understanding what 'mediated' means in this context.
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    B How close does an electron get to a proton to be attracted

    I couldn't fit the whole question, it should say "How close does an electron have to get to a proton to be attracted to it" And I know it can depend on the speed and direction they are traveling. Can we just pretend they are stationary for this answer please. By attracted I mean the electron...
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    I Monitor restarts when I make an electric arc

    Why does my laptop's screen refresh every time I bring a metal object (any size) to my electric lighter? -Happens when I am 1 foot away from the laptop -1 foot away from the external monitor's wires (HDMI & power) 1. Video footage (MUST WATCH) NOTE: the laptop screen also flickers a bit NOTE...
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    I Amount of excess charge to overcome Earth's gravity

    Years ago I read an article illustrating the vastly different strengths of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces. The article gave a figure for the number of excess electrons dispersed throughout the earth that it would require to overcome the gravitational binding of earth's matter and...
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    Cross Section for e+e- in EM interaction - Is it the same?

    I was studying my notes and specifically for the ##e^+e^- \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-## process, cross section is given by \sigma = \frac{4\pi}{3} \left( \frac{\alpha \hbar c}{W} \right)^2 where ##\alpha = \frac{g_{EM}^2}{4\pi}## and ##W## is the centre of mass energy. Is this the same for...
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    What were the clues that the weak and EM force are the same

    Hello, I've been reading a book on particle physics for the general audience, and as you might expect, I was left with a slew of nagging unanswered questions. There was a chapter on guage symmetry where the author described that the weak and the EM forces are the same force at some energy...