What is Newtons: Definition and 502 Discussions

The newton (symbol: N) is the International System of Units (SI) derived unit of force. It is named after Isaac Newton in recognition of his work on classical mechanics, specifically Newton's second law of motion.
A newton is defined as the force which gives a mass of 1 kilogram an acceleration of 1 metre per second, per second, 1 kg⋅m/s2.

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  1. confused_steve

    I Force Required for Gas Struts on 1972 VW T2 Danbury Pop top campervan?

    Hi all, i'm the proud owner of a 1972 VW T2 Danbury Pop top campervan. Out of the factory these were fitted with 4 x long spring loaded struts which (when new) provided some lifting power to pop the roof up. Mine are now 50 years old and provide no assistance lifting / holding the roof in...
  2. enigmaticbacon

    Converting Effective Mechanical Load to Newtons (Capybara)

    Hello again! I've found the capybara's EMA to be 0.71. Their mass to be 55kg. And their average speed to be ~3.0km/h. I want to figure out how many capybaras it would take to overcome Friction * Normal force of ~125,000N. How would I go about doing that...
  3. Hamiltonian

    Force between charged Ring and Rod, disproved Newtons 3rd law?

    This is the initial setup of the problem: The electric field due to the ring is: $$E = \int\frac{k(dq)}{(\sqrt{R^2 + x^2})^2}\frac{x}{\sqrt{R^2 + x^2}} = \frac{kqx}{(R^2 + x^2)^{3/2}}$$ the force on the rod due to this Electric field produced by the ring is: Consider a differential element...
  4. questionmonkey123

    Constant pressure process (piston) on gas violates Newtons 2nd law?

    I often see this set up in thermodynamic problems and need clarification on how Newton's Laws are involved for the piston: Gas inside a piston cylinder (1) is heated expanding the gas and raising the piston (initially at rest) to a height (2) in a constant pressure quasi-equilibrium process...
  5. P

    Trying to understand the relationship between Newtons, Joules and Work

    A force of 1 Newton times 3 meters, can that mean : a 1 kg mass pushed over 3 meters went from 0 to 1 m /s/s ?
  6. R

    Why is it important to check the magnitude of vectors when adding them?

    So I've charted the equation above, and received the correct resultant 104.0° I used a scale of 1m/s = 2cm and I get 11.8cm which gives me 23.6m/s but when I look at the answer it is 104.0° / 5.83N I have no idea why its in Newtons.
  7. G

    Can Newton's Laws Be Applied in a Rotating Cabin?

    A cabin is accelerating with acceleration a .To apply Newtons laws inside it ,we need to include an accleration -a. Now if this cabin is rotating about a point in a plane,can we apply Newtons laws in it? How?
  8. S

    Pendulum's Tension using Force reasoning and Newtons 3rd Law.

    Hi, I have a conceptual question. I was doing some problems on pendulums and found something that confused me. I attached a drawing. I used to always solve these problems by using some trigonometry and trying to find the Tension. i.e. ## m*g = F (of the Tension) * cos(theta) ## so ## \frac...
  9. Callista

    Why doesn't Newtons third law also apply to the frame?

    Homework Statement A locomotive has broken through the wall of a train station. During the collision, what can be said about the force exerted by the locomotive on the wall? a)The force exerted by the locomotive on the wall was less than the force exerted by the wall on the locomotive. b) The...
  10. Psyrus

    Grams vs. Newtons: Why Do I See Weights Measured in Grams?

    Ok so I've asked my physics teacher and a statics teacher as well and I couldn't get a straight answer from either. So here's my questions... Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the gram a unit of mass? Not weight? I thought that for mass to become a unit of weight, it has to have to...
  11. alexi_b

    How far apart are the astronaut and satellite after 8.67 minutes?

    Homework Statement A 63.8kg spacewalking astronaut pushes off a 678.0kg satellite, exerting a 156.0N force for the 0.870s it takes him to straighten his arms. How far apart are the astronaut and the satellite after 8.67min? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I tried just finding the...
  12. DracoMalfoy

    Applying Newtons Laws: Incline, static friction, kid on sled

    Homework Statement [/B] A child sits on a sled (50kg) on a snowy hill with an incline of 5 degrees. The coefficient of static friction is 0.05. What downward force must a parent apply parallel to the normal force, to prevent the child from sliding down the hill? (Answer: 366N)Homework Equations...
  13. S

    Experiment on Newtons First Law

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a good resource to see Newtons first law in action. For example, a block being pulled by increasing force until it moves?
  14. J

    How Do You Convert Newtons to Watts for a Maglev Train Acceleration?

    Homework Statement Imagine a maglev train car on a track. The train car weighs 1000 kilograms and travels at 10 meters per second. Without any external force, the train car slows down to 5 meters per second in 10 seconds. How much force does it take to return the train car to traveling at 10...
  15. J

    Unit conversion meters Newtons years seconds

    Hi, I need to convert a value of 12*10-16 m7 N-3 y-1 to the units of kPa-3 m2 s-1. Can anyone help me? where: m = meters, N = Newton, y = year, s = seconds. Thanks!
  16. Y

    Forces involved in egg-drop experiment: 25 Newtons to Break an Egg?

    Homework Statement So I've spent many hours on here and deep deeeeeep in my textbooks trying to learn things...that pertain to the Egg drop experiment I am almost done with everything I need but I was wondering. I've read that it takes approximately 25 Newtons of force to break an...
  17. I

    Calculate Force in Newtons of a nuke on a given area

    Hi all, a 15 year old noob here. I want to calculate how much FORCE in NEWTONS would be delivered by a 100 kiloton nuke on an object of area around 2cm^2 from a distance of about 5 meters. This might sound like a stupid question, but all the answers about nukes are its POWER in joules, not...
  18. Jacinta

    Why don't we measure our weight in Newtons?

    aren't you supposed to measure weight in Newtons? And mass in kilograms/grams?
  19. Josef

    How to calculate force given Newtons, degrees, and friction

    Homework Statement A 400N trunk is on a 20 degree inclined plane and has a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.56. What force must be exerted on the trunk to make it slide down the plane at a constant velocity? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have drawn a free body diagram of...
  20. ferrariistheking

    Work, energy, power tennis ball problem

    Homework Statement A force applied to a tennis ball is described by the function F(x) = 2x + 5, with the force in Newtons and the position in meters. How much work does the force do on a tennis ball as it moves from -2.5 m to a new position of 2.4 m? Homework Equations F(x)= 2x+5 force x...
  21. W

    Swimmer off tower: Velocity and Force

    Problem: A 65kg swimmer jumps off a 10.0m tower. a. Find the swimmer's velocity on hitting the water. b. The swimmer comes to a stop 2.0m below the surface. Find the net force exerted by the water. Given & Equations: v0 = 0m/s a = 9.8m/s2 d = 10m vf = __m/s F = __N vf2 = v02 + 2ad F = ma...
  22. N

    Newtons and Newton meters for pushing a weight

    Hi. I’m trying to build something and having very little basic physics am having to try and learn as I go along. Today I spoke to a company that makes damping units and I was asked how much force in Newton meters would be applied to the unit at the top speed. It’s a small cart weighing 70Kg and...
  23. N

    Problem applying Newtons third law

    Homework Statement Two people each with a mass of 70kg are wearing in line skates and holding opposite ends of a 15m rope. One person pulls forward on the rope by moving hand over hand and gradually reeling in more of the rope. In doing so, he exerts a force of 35N (backwards) on the rope. This...
  24. geofix

    Is it possible to convert ρ (density) to Newtons?

    Homework Statement We're given pressure (Which is mass/volume) and G constant Looking for minimum r, given pressure, that would produce a certain F value in Newtons... 2. Homework Equations F=ma Blanking here* Honestly everyone this is my first physics intense college course and i have no...
  25. B

    Am I doing this right? (Physics, Newtons, Diagrams)

    Homework Statement This question is just for b) "Calculate the force acting on the object indicated in the diagram." Homework Equations √ F12 + F22 = net force c2 = a2 + b2 -2ab cos A[/B]The Attempt at a Solution [/B] So I first started by using a technique my friend taught me to find...
  26. D

    Solving the Car Crash Puzzle: Newtons 2nd Law

    I've been trying to study for my final and I can't seem to figure out how is this suppose to work. 1. Homework Statement A wall (m infinite, v=0) hits a car (m=2600 kg; v=142 km/h). The car becomes deformed and the crush zone (0.7 m) is compressed. Calculate the corresponding acceleration...
  27. bland

    Rice University gets Newtons 3rd Law wrong

    I couldn't remember which number was which in Newton's laws of motion, and so I clicked the first link I found, but to my amazement it seems that while Rice University got the number right, they got the facts of how it works wrong. Ironically it seems they have made the same mistake as that...
  28. A

    Forces of gravitation of moon and earth + Newtons 3rd law

    In relation to two objects with a gravitational field on them (i.e. a planet and its moon), would there be two pairs of partner forces (the force of gravity exerted from each object and the resulting partner force from each force of gravity)? For example with the Earth and moon: 1. Force of...
  29. Ashleykins

    Solving Equation for Homework: What Equation to Use?

    Homework Statement You are observing a baseball in space, with mass m = 0.144 kg. It is moving past your spacecraft with speed v = 8 m/sec, to the north. Your Acme Tractor Beam can exert 1.2 Newtons of pull force on that baseball. CALCULATE: How long will it take your Acme Tractor Beam to...
  30. P

    Convert Joules to Newtons: Get Help Here!

    hi guys - this is not a homework problem. I'm way too old to be in school - I'm actually trying to solve a "real world" problem and I'm just a dumb computer scientist pretending to be a mechanical engineer. I'm working on designing a frame for a vehicle and I'm using a couple of different...
  31. A

    How to find tension in a rope when given the force?

    Q: In a tug of war between 2 athletes, each pulls on the rope with a force of 200N. a) What is the tension in the rope? b) If the rope does not move, what force is each athlete exerting on the ground? I wrote for both a) and b) 200N, and I am unable to confirm this because my textbook has no...
  32. alexandria

    Investigating Net Force in Two Dimensions

    Homework Statement Homework Equations no equations required The Attempt at a Solution i already answered the question, but i just want to know if i wrote the right direction for the Fnet. is it [N 10 W] or [W 10 N]?[/B] this is how i wrote it: Fnet: 1165 N [N 10 degrees W]
  33. Frankenstein19

    Apparent weight loss 2nd Newtons Law elevator problem

    Homework Statement A 65-kg woman descends in an elevator that briefly acclerates at 0.20g downward when leaving a floor. She stands on a scale that reads in kg. (a) During this acceleration, what is her weight and what does the scale read? Homework Equations ƩF = maThe Attempt at a Solution I...
  34. N

    Newtons Divided Difference First Derivative

    Hey all, for a function approximation program t run fast enough i need to solve for where the function (represented by a NDDP) is at a minimum (necessary trust me), althogh I have no idea how to go about differentiating it, i tried to break it up from its's general formula (the pi operators and...
  35. Frankenstein19

    Help with free fall and Newtons second law problem

    Homework Statement Using Newtons second law, if an object with mass M is free falling (the only F acting upon it is its own weight), calculate the object's acceleration. What would happen to its acceleration should its mass duplicate? Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution So...
  36. A

    How many Newtons would it take to damage a car?

    I am working on a science project, just in my spare time, and for this project I needed to know the amount of force it would take one car to damage another car, but the same model (so same weight, strength etc.) thanks for you help ~ Alex
  37. Prof. 27

    Tension and Newtons Second Law

    Homework Statement A student tries to raise a chain consisting of three identical links. Each link has a mass of 200 g . The three-piece chain is connected to a string and then suspended vertically, with the student holding the upper end of the string and pulling upward. Because of the...
  38. R

    Equilibrium Tension Along a Curved String

    Homework Statement A light inextensible string of length l hangs on two pegs attached to parallel walls separated by a height. A small frictionless pulley of weight Wp is attached to a block of weight Wb. When it is placed on the string, the string becomes taut and pulley runs on the string...
  39. Einstein's Cat

    Electromagnetic Force in Newtons

    I may be asking a ridiculous question and if so, then I apologise. Anyway, if there is an object with a charge of +1 and also another object with a charge of -1, one metre away from the first object, then what is the force between these objects in Newtons? Also is there a way in which to convert...
  40. Aspirant

    Help with Motor voltage/torque for 12 Newtons of force....

    Hello all, I'm going to get right to the point! My current project is a motor-retracted spring-loaded toy lightsaber. I started with one of those spring loaded lightsabers that spring out at the touch of a button... but it had the annoying immersion problem that in order to re-load it, you had...
  41. E

    Newton's Rings using refractive index of water

    Hi I am currently looking at Newtons Rings, i have changed my refractive index to water (distilled), i have found the rings and they seem to be as aspected except they are extremely faint barely readable infact would anyone know a cause or soulation to this?
  42. S

    How do I calculate the magnitude of initial acceleration?

    Homework Statement A system consists of a bicycle and a cyclist traveling at a constant velocity along a horizontal road. The total resistive force acting on the system in 4.0N and its speed is 8.0 m/s. Calculate the useful power output of the cyclist. The cyclist stops pedalling and the...
  43. W

    Problem understanding Newtons third law ...

    Homework Statement [/B] Three blocks move on a frictionless surface and a 42N force acts on the 3kg block. The force exerted by the 1 kg block on the 2 kg block is 14N. What is then the force exerted by the 2 kg block on the 1kg block? If it is 14N, then shouldn't the 2kg block stay in...
  44. AveryB

    Help with Newtons laws of motion and force?

    If anyone could tell me how to answer these questions that would be fantastic. Thank you so much! 1. A box that weighs 66.2 N on Jupiter is taken to Pluto. The weight of the box on Pluto will be ____. (acceleration on pluto is 0.42) Would you find the mass first? 2. The hand in the image...
  45. Einstein's Cat

    Is there a unified equation for the forces of gravity and electromagnetism?

    Is there an equation which combines Newton's equation of calculating the gravitational force between two masses with that of Coulomb's equation of describing the electromagnetic force between two particles? In other words, does an equation exist which describes the relationship between mass and...
  46. B

    Newtons Laws car deacceleration

    Homework Statement A 1900 kg car moves along a horizontal road at speed v0 = 23.6 m/s. The road is wet, so the static friction coefficient between the tires and the road is only μs = 0.218 and the kinetic friction coefficient is even lower, μk = 0.1526. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2...
  47. DaDoctor

    Calculate Work Done by Force (152N): 1657.2J

    How much work is done by the force? W= F * Δs * CosθW= (152N) * (13m) * Cos(33°) W=1976 * Cos(33°) W=1657.2 So I'm fairly confident I got this right since the answer is 1660J my question is Why would I have to round it up to 1660 to get it to Joules? I'm not really looking for help on the...
  48. N

    How Can You Convert Newtons into Watts for Exercise Equipment Analysis?

    Hello. I am not an engineer but would really appreciate some help with a calculation for my PhD in biomedical sciences. I have a new exercise ergometer (see picture) and have been able to obtain the force applied (Newtons) to the load cells located underneath each foot pedal at 1hz. A motor...
  49. O

    What influence did Newtons religion have on his science ?

    Do you think Newton's piety was important to developing or fueling his philosophical and psychological impulses to be a great scientist and mathematician ? Did his religious and alchemical goals orient his scientific researches; his outstanding mechanical, mathematical, and optical theories...