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Electromagnetic properties tables

  1. Sep 6, 2009 #1
    Do you know where I could find material tables for electromagnetic properties?
    Especially for complex permittivity, and permeability, in the 100kHz -
    10Ghz band. (hopefully at a few points within this band) My usual
    google fu is failing me. I've found some books and tables but they're
    usually pretty limited (like just permittivity of glasses or only have
    the permeability/permittivity at DC).It seems like this is something
    an RF engineer would need all the time, so I feel like such tables
    have to exist somewhere. Any ideas of where I could look?
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    I found a good book a year back that had this info but I can't find the name of it again for the life of me. I used it to look up the conductivity of different soil conditions at various frequencies. I too would be interested in such a text for future reference.
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