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Homework Help: Electron and proton separation in a hydrogen atom

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    1) Hydrogen’s electron and proton are separated by 5.3x10-13 meters. What is the electrical force between them?

    2) A charge moved .02 meters in an electric field of force 215 N/C. If the electric potential decreased by 6.9x10-19, what is the charge of the particle?

    3) If a capacitor has 3.0x10-6 F of capacitance and holds 3.6x10-5 C of charge on each plate, what is the voltage of the battery connected to it?

    4) Iron has a resistance of 19.0 Ohms. What is the current if the potential difference is 120 V?
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    You must show some attempt at a solution yourself before people can give you any assistance. That is the policy of this forum which is designed to help the student learn rather than just have their homework done for them.
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