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Electronic packaging cost / price

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    I am looking for recent info/studies on eletronic packaging costs.
    I focus on the extreme cheap type of packages (e.g. SOT23).
    In general it nails it down to low I/O PLCC.
    A study on components sold in this type of package form is interesting too.
    Story on cheap LEDs interst me too.

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    I googled your term, studies on electronic packaging costs, and got lots of good hits:


    Google is your friend. Welcome to the PF, BTW.
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    I don't know if anyone makes it open knowledge, but cost of silicon + IP aside, the number of pins dominates. Of course, you can get discounts by leaving out the lead frame (BGA), but if your process isn't gloriously perfect, the defect rate will erase the BOM cost advantage.
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