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End of support for Win XP this April

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    I think the date is April 8, 2014. So assuming this means no additional fixes will be made for Windows XP, will it still be possible to activate a re-installed version of Windows XP, say one slip streamed to SP3, and then download and install all the updates that were made?

    If not, I guess I'll need to create another slipped stream install cd-rom for Windows XP (this could take a while).

    From this Microsoft web page:

    Will existing updates still be available via Windows Update after April 8, 2014?

    Yes, all existing Windows XP updates and fixes will still be available via Windows Update and WSUS.


    Article about slip-streaming to create a bootable cd-rom with all update (not sure if it includes all the .net versions and updates).

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    You will still be able to activate XP installations and download all the updates. You still own the licence to the software and are entitled to continue to use it and receive the updates, that won't change. AFAIK, the activation and update servers will continue to remain online.
    That said, if I was still on XP, I'd definitely make an XPSP3 disk with all the latest updates so I wouldn't have to download anything after a re-install.
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    True, but that is a long list of sets of downloads, about one set per month, plus getting the optional ones like .NET versions, then slip streaming to create a new installable cd-rom. Making sure you didn't miss anything would require re-install, and checking windows / microsoft update.
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    Yep, I agree, it's a royal pain.
    On second thought, maybe just do all the major updates, .NET framework and drivers. Leave out the minor hotfixes for windows update to deal with.
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    Apart from the "core" of Windows itself, it's possible that there will still be updates for other MS software like .net framework. If I remember right, when support for Windows 98 ended, critical security updates for Internet Explorer in Win98 continued for years afterwards, at least for the versions of IE that also ran on supported operating systems.

    Of course it's no big surprise that MS's preferred solution is "buy a new PC that runs Win 8.1" - though at least one specialist PC supplier in the UK is still offering Win 7 as standard on its top of the range systems (i.e. a 6-core I7 processor, a motherboard with slots for 64Gb of RAM, and the rest of the spec to match)

    Reading the MS notification, I think the only thing it definitely says will be terminated is new downloads of MS Security Essentials for XP - though they say virus definition updates will continue for an (unspecified) period of time.

    But if you think it's a royal pain at a personal level, consider this: http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/04/technology/security/atm-windows-xp/
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    @AlephZero: Read that link, wow, just wow. I'm finding it hard to believe this is going on with banks. It's not like microsoft came out yesterday and said, "hey guys, 1 more month then XP is dead." Whoever is in charge of IT needs to be instafired for not being prepared.

    We've know for 2-3 years that XP was ending in 2014. MS has extended XP two times now I think. So reassuring to know we have such competent people in charge of all our money lol (Tangent: maybe it's time to switch to bitcoins lol)

    Good point about Win98 and IE. They did continue to update components not directly tied to the retired operating system. Windows Server 2003 is going to be supported till 2015. So they basically still have to support all the "extra" stuff. I don't know the actual numbers but I'd wager there's still plenty of web services that are .Net version 3/3.5
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    Yes - but - from the article: "Major banks are now cutting special deals with Microsoft to extend life support for their Windows XP machines while they replace their fleet of ATMs. JPMorgan bought a one-year extension of service and plans to start upgrading ATMs to Windows 7 at Chase banks in July. Citibank and Wells Fargo said they're also upgrading ATMs, but they wouldn't provide details about their plans."

    I have some legacy computers running XP. I just migrated one to a new Win7 platform. One of my oldest XP machines is about dead anyway since the XP system became corrupted some time ago.
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    Quite. I read a piece on investment analysis recently, on the apparent disconnect between Microsoft's stock price, and the perceived "disaster" (as reported in the technical press) of the Windows 8 launch. It made the point that MS is getting some very nice cash flow from corporate upgrades to XP systems, and from cutting special deals with companies that really really don't want to upgrade right now. Windows 8 is almost a siideshow, financially.
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    Upgrading from XP to Win 7 or Win 8 is an issue if you can't find Win 7 or Win 8 drivers for the motherboard or other components on a PC. The reverse is also true, like trying to find a sound card that still includes XP drivers as an option.
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