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Energy - Gravity, Electromagntic , from where ?

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    just wondering

    as it seems , the gravity force of an untouched object remains for ever, same as its electromagnetic force

    but where does this energy that seems to last for ever come from ?

    is it that matter has so much energy stocked inside it that , the its force energy is decreasing very very very slowly with time

    or does it get back some energy from the exterior ?
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    You need to learn the definition of energy. Energy is the capacity to do work. If there is no change in energy, there is no energy expended and no work done.
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    Would the definition of "the potential for change" fit that definition in terms of quantum mechanics?
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    yeah but it doesnt seem logical to be able to attract other objects just like that for ever

    PS : ok , maybe its in quantum mechanics i should put it, but where's the redirect button ?
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    No, it isn't. Before you can tackle "quantum mechanics", you need to understand basic classical mechanics first. It appears from your misunderstanding of what Russ has posted that you haven't done that yet.

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