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Energy levels for a 3D cubical box

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    I'm trying to find the energies for n levels of a 3D cubical box.

    Is there a general equation for this?
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    From _Physics_, Wolfson and Pasachof, ISBN 0-673-39836-6, p. 1055:

    E = h^2/8mL^2 (n^2 sub x + n^2 sub y + n^2 sub z)

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    Thank you, now what do I use for the n_x, n_y, n_z?
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    Hint: try substituting separable sinusoidal solutions into the Schrodinger eqn (with suitable boundary conditions).
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    n_x , n_y , n_z are your quantum numbers, they describe your state, when you solve the Schr. Eqn. for ψ's, which are sinusoidal functions as mentioned below, n_x,y,z will appear in the energy values.
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