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Homework Help: Energy stored in superconducting magnet

  1. Jan 2, 2012 #1

    8 months ago we discharged a 3 Tesla superconducting magnet which is part of old FT-ICR mass spectrometer. Magnet was charged some 20 years ago and working since (which is exceptionally long since it worked in persistive mode, which means no charging in all this time).

    During discharge we measure discharge current in 20 time points and of course voltage on discharge heater in the same time. Discharge started at 56.7 Amperes and 1V on discharging heater and normally ended at 0V and 0A.

    Now, since discharge process current and voltage were decreasing during process it is easy to calculate power dissipated on the heater during discharge in specific point of time, but how to calculate total energy (Joules) dissipated on discharge heater thrugh time of discharging ?

    Thank you,

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    My first approach would be to plot power against time if possible.
    Energy = power x time so it would be the area under this graph
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    Thank you !

    I can plot a graph considering fact that I have 20 measuring points in time with known current and voltage.

    Thanks again,

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