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Engineering Science

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    Hi there, next year I'm enrolling into Bachelor of Engineering in University of Auckland (New Zealand)!

    I'm in the Accelerated Pathway program which means I skip the first year of General Engineering and go directly into a specialization.

    I'm thinking of doing either Engineering Science (which is about Operations Research and Continuum Mechanics) or Mechanical Engineering. I prefer to do Engineering Science at the moment because it gives you the freedom to choose more variety of courses than Mechanical Engineering (which is really specialized). But I'd like to know more about what Operations Research and Continuum Mechanics are. I have searched online but I'd like to hear insights from people who have studied these core subjects.

    Any advice on Mechanical Engineering is also welcome!

    Thanks in advance to all!
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    Hello, anyone?
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    Engineering is a great choice. It gives you the background necessary for an advanced degree in other sciences.
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    Hello, thank you for the reply, by Engineering did you mean Engineering Science is a great choice? I also want to know what you really learn for Operations Research and Continuum Mechanics. I have a vague idea what they are but I need to know as much details as possible about my course before I get in because I don't want to regret my decision!
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    The only thing that might be worth looking at is can you become a licensed engineer with the Engineering Science degree. It may seem like a small thing, but in some places may limit what jobs you can work in.
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    I'm currently doing a Mechanical Engineering degree, and man I love it! I actually love doing the work for my degree, it's so interesting. Everything is just amazing, from material and fluid mechanics to thermodynamics, engineering mathematics, design and materials and manufacture. You really can't go wrong. However, I am slightly biased. :P
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    Ultimately you don't want to get a degree in Enginering Technology if you can get one in Mechanical,Civil, or Electrical Enginering. What choices do you have if you were to take Engineering Science now and then specialize next year? It is best now to take courses in statics, dynamics, electricity, fluids, and thermodynamic sciences, then you'll know better what field of engineering suits you best. And don't forget to take AutoCad or SolidWorks courses.
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