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    I am a UK student and I'll be applying for undergrad physics courses in the UK and hopefully mainland Europe to start next September - just in time for the £9000/year fees to kick in! Most of my chosen UK courses are "Year in Europe" courses anyway, since I would like to study abroad anyway.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any decent/respected Physics courses (preferably with affordable fees) around Europe taught entirely in English. I speak French to a fair standard, but nowhere near well enough to study in it, and am willing/able to learn any language to the standard needed to survive in that country.

    I am aware of the International Physics Study Programme in Leipzig, Germany and also of the more general sciences programme at University College Utrecht in the Netherlands.

    I'm currently taking A levels in further maths, Physics and Chemistry, and last year I got an A* in A level Maths, and 3 As in AS Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so I'm hoping grades will not be much of an issue.

    Thanks in advance,

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  4. good for you! you and your year have been well and truly screwed over by the ConDems.

    so, IRELAND - 2000 euro a year I think for EU students
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