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Homework Help: English System Units and R value

  1. Apr 2, 2006 #1
    A quick units question. Serway gives the R value (for insulation) in English system units as:
    [tex]\frac{ft^2 \, ^o F \, h}{BTU}[/tex]

    What unit does "h" represent? Thanks!

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    :grumpy: Alright, who moved it and why? I agree it's a "basic" question, but it is definitively NOT homework, which is why I put it in the General Physics category!!

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    Hour. Long as there's a "pointer," who cares where it winds up --- let them fuss, and you get to be the adult --- you fuss and they fuss, and no one's an adult.
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    (Grumbles) It was too simple. (Sigh!) Thanks for telling me!

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    Oh, I agree. I just get a little excitable every now and then! :rolleyes:

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