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Entertaining review of digital storage oscilloscope

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    I'm thinking of buying this nice DSO for under 1k $US for home use. It's the 70 MHz model in the Rigol DS2000 series.

    But that's not why I'm posting. I wanted to share these video reviews of the scope which are a real hoot -- provided you have spent a lot of your time using oscilloscopes yourself.

    The videos are 30-40 minutes each, but even watching for a few minutes is worthwhile.

    Here the good stuff starts at about 9:30, where there is a good discussion of the noise floor:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRy755StMak ​

    Here he takes the scope apart and reviews the construction and design. I didn't understand half of it, but my background isn't in EE design:
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    That guy sure has some enthusiasm. I like how he gets especially excited when he sees heat-shrink tubing :approve:
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    70 MHz would barely let you view a 10 MHz square wave. Consider getting a better one if you can.

    That guy's voice gets higher in pitch as he gets more excited. I wish he would become familiar with the equipment before he demonstrates it.

    I saw him pull a photocopier apart. Everything was "amazing" but he had no idea what it all did.
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