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A Entropy or Quantum Mechanics ?

  1. Mar 26, 2016 #1
    is entropy problem easiest than quantum mechanics problem wich one is more complicated to understand and to solve ?
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    What exactly does "entropy problem" and a "quantum mechanics problem" mean? Homework problems? Then it depends on the problem and your knowledge about entropy and quantum mechanics.
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    No its not like this search on wikipedia there is a problem in entropy and another in quatum mechanics both aren't discovered yet . I simply want to know wich one is easiest . Its not a homework in general is entropy hardest or quantum mechanics ?
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    Surely if the solution to the problems you mention haven't been discovered yet, then there is no way to say which is harder and any answer would just be speculation. Anyway, you should link the aforementioned Wikipedia articles, so that anyone reading knows what you are on about.
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    -this is for entropy : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy_(arrow_of_time)
    -this is for quantum mechanics :
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    There is no fundamental problem with either of them. There are open questions, points where future research might improve our knowledge. That usually happens in many small steps, so you cannot quantify the effort necessary to advance knowledge by a specific amount, not even for research done in the past.
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    My question should be different then . Wich one of these 2 need more time to undertand well all about it
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    This is a head-scratcher.

    Entropy is a subject area in Thermodynamics/statistical mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a whole subfield, on par with thermodynamics. In fact, in many areas, those two overlap quite a bit that one have quantum statistics and quantum entropy.

    So your question is extremely puzzling.

    You also seem to be in this never-ending loop of finding out what category is what, and what to do ahead of which, etc...etc. based on you previous posts. I've never come across someone so obsessive in something as trivial as this. If you are planning on going to school to study all this, rest assured that the sequence and level of difficulties have already been planned that this should not be something that you need to be obsessed over. There are other BIGGER things to worry about.

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