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C/++/# Environment understanding problem

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    well i wanted to ask you
    what is cmd,jdk,.

    why do we need to install jdk in java why not directly we cannot install ide of java directly like we download codeblock for c++ directly

    but in java we download jdk then we download net beans environment
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    The JDK (Java Development Kit) includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plus many other pieces of software. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Development_Kit
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    i thing i understood since java is platform independent language .since ti does not depend on any platform.platform is operating system like windows,Linux.It can be run on any platform .so for that we need JDK. It makes java applications run on any platform.
    java development kit is software used for java platform by which we are able to create java applications through java editor like net beans,blue j and it consist of java virtual machine.

    sir Mark my confusion of why we need to install jdk before java ide i understood thanks .

    thank you very much sir
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