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Equation Balancing

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    is this equation balanced?

    HCl + Na2s202 --> NaCl + S + H20 + SO2

    Thank you for you help !
    Lucy x
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    Re: Help !!!!!!!!!!

    Hello lucy it looks to me like you're doing the disappearing cross reaction rate experiment.I think you have the wrong formula for sodium thiosulphate,if so it's no wonder you're having trouble balancing it.Try again with Na2S2O3
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    oh yeah thank you!
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    something else ...
    when measuring the rate of reaction, you can use the mass one. You know were you weigh the mass of the reactants until there is a change.

    Does anyone know where i can find a diagram of this? Please leave websites if that is easiest.

    Thank you muchly :blushing:
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