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Equilibrium Stat Mech Vs. Kinetics

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    Figured it out thanks, next post:

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    Related to this point (functioning as something which might explain the above more deeply), what is the actual meaning of this passage from Landau vol. 5:

    Again as an example, take [itex] H(q,p) = \tfrac{p^2}{2m}+\tfrac{k}{2}q^2 = E_0[/itex] as the Hamiltonian for a single particle, the trajectory of the particle, i.e. the set of all possible states, is an ellipse in (q,p) phase space.


    Extend it to n particles and we'll have a Cartesian product of n ellipses, or a big ellipsoid, visualized as


    What in the world does that passage really mean, in terms of n harmonic oscillators respresented as a single curve in phase space? I can't make actually make any sense out of it.
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    This is the ergodic hypothesis.
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