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Essential skills for science and math review

  1. Sep 16, 2016 #1
    I am in my first semester of graduate school after 4 years being out of school. I brushed up on calculus but some essentials are gone. I was doing kinetic problems and had to find concentrations. I automatically knew to get rid of ln x I need to use an exponential. My mind went blank when I saw 1/x. I had to google it after a couple minutes and it showed me 1/(1/x) to get x which I can't believe I forgot. Are there any good reference materials I can use to brush up on these kind of skills? I looked through a couple things like Langs Basic Mathematics but that wasn't even in there.
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    I would suggest mathispower4u.com

    Theres a whole collection of short videos on all topics of math from prealgebra to first year college ie calculus, diff eqns, and linear algebra.
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