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News Eu Jackboot Stomps Jerusalem

  1. Dec 8, 2003 #1
    Subj: Re: G-d is in Control

    From: familyp@netvision.net.il
    To: Dbenariel@aol.com

    I have no doubts about Him, ever. I have many doubts, growing
    doubts that HE will keep disregarding our stupidity, incredible
    malice, as in your case and even worse than that. Far worse.
    Do not forget that there is at least one secret gulag here and that
    just as you have been framed, others have been so as well.
    I just heard Mr. Noam Federman's wife during the Manigut Yehudit
    Conference in Jerusalem, describing her husband's torture.
    Regretfully, THE WHOLE NATION, pays for the ghastly acts of the
    gate keepers, money changers, bribers, givers of false testimony,
    tortureres, spies, saboteurs, traitors and plain murderers.
    It is fury more than dismay I feel, but I am not made for fury, it hurts
    me more than anyone else.



    When I say G-d is in control and you already know it, I basically try to remember "the end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof." I truly believe what Herbert W. Armstrong taught for over 50 years: ISRAEL IS GOING TO SUFFER GERMAN-EUROPEAN OCCUPATION! Jerusalem will be trampled under the UN/EU jackboots and half the city will forcibly be made JUDENREIN. This is all forewarned by the Prophets and resounded in Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

    You undoubtedly are numbered among those "who sigh and cry for all of Jerusalem's abominations" who receive special notice from G-d (Ezek. 9:4). It grieves us that our people have apparently chosen to die and suffer national defeat and deportation (all twelve tribes, especially Anglo-Israel and Judah). "Why will you die, O House of Israel?" Yes, we cry, WHY?

    That's the horrifying bad news. The glorious GOOD NEWS is that after this apparently necessary and purifying Time of Jacob's Trouble, Messiah will come and save us to keep alive His promise to our fathers: He will be our G-d and we will be His People! That's why I chose for the title of my book's first chapter: SURVIVAL GUARANTEED!

    For Zion's Sake,
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    So then, basically, after all the wrongdoing there will be a happy ending for some people...
    Is there anything else I may be missing?
  4. Dec 9, 2003 #3
    Do we need another persnikety thread that doesn't really mean anything?
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    Lol, wow..you're being far more polite then I would like to be...a FIRST!! Really..I'm biting my tongue (fingers?) with this guy...
    It's funny..according to Noam himself..he's torturing his gate keepers! Where's your compassion for them!
    Or better yet..where's your compassion for the innocent people Noam would gladly have blown to smithereens for his own fanatical beliefs?!
    When one looks at early Israeli history..one thing is clear..the leadership realized that in order to become a state they had to suppress violent religious fanaticals....this is unfortunately a lesson that Palestine will also have to learn to become a state (unless they become a somalian like state). People like you would gladly bring Israel back into it's early period of practical civil war. No THANKS!
    There are good reasons for Israel's laws against incitement...and when you are in a country as a GUEST davidbinladen you should perhaps be bright enough to follow their laws! Otherwise..you should expect to be deported!
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    Ok, once again, this thread is done.
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