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Euler Method in Fortran - HELP

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    Euler Method in Fortran - HELP!!

    Using Euler method I want to calculate the equation below, deltat=0.3, 10 times.

    Problem: When n=1, Yn1(1) is calculated right. But, in the following steps it should assume that Yn(2)=Yn1(1) and the program is assuming Yn(2)=0, as well as Yn(3)=0,...and so on
    Please, can someone help me?

    Program Exercise1
    ! This Program will solve the ODE bellow using Euler Method ...
    ! dy(t)
    ! ______ = 2y(t) + t^2 + t
    ! dt
    ! Declaration of Variables
    Implicit none
    Real:: deltat1

    Integer:: ts1,n,time
    Real:: Yn1(1:11),Yn(1:11),tn(1:11)

    do n=1,ts1


    write (*,*) Yn1(n)



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    Re: Euler Method in Fortran - HELP!!

    first move the assignment statements for deltat and ts1 outside of your loop. You also have not initialize tn(0).

    I am very uneasy with your incrementing your time variable in step with the Euler method iterations.

    I think you should put the Euler loop inside of a time step loop. So you want to iterate a Euler loop at EACH time step.

    You may want to look closely at the result of your time step calculation, is it producing what you want it to?
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