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Homework Help: Evalute the following integrals

  1. Dec 14, 2012 #1

    Evalute the following integers

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    Re: Evalute the following integers

    You mean "integrals". There's a HUGE difference between integers and integrals!
    Plus, where's the problem you're facing with these qns and your attempts?
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    Re: Evalute the following integers

    Remember to change your integration limits after the substitution!
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    Re: Evalute the following integers


    all is correct instead of substitution ??
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    Re: Evalute the following integers

    Your substitution is fine.

    What is u when [itex]\ x=\sqrt{\ln(\pi)}\,,\ [/itex] and when x = 0. Those are your limits for the integral in u .

    Otherwise, use substitution to find the anti-derivative in terms of u, then convert that anti-derivative back to x and evaluate the definite integral using the limits for x.
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    thanks so much ...
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