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Eventum Mechanics and CSL

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    Eventum Mechanics is summarized at https://www.maths.nottingham.ac.uk/personal/vpb/research/cau_idy.html . As required by the rules of this sub-forum, the work has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

    Belavkin, Nondemolition Principle of Quantum Measurement Theory
    Foundations of Physics, 24 (1994) No 5, 685--714

    Belavkin, Quantum Causality, Stochastics, Trajectories and Information
    Rept. Prog. Phys. 65 (2002) 353-420

    Quantum Trajectories, State Diffusion, and Time-Assymmetric Eventum Mechanics.
    International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 42, No 102, 461 - 2485 (2003)

    In another thread, gill1109 brought up http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.5103 which states that Eventum Mechanics is mathematically identical to Continuous Spontaneous Localization (CSL). Although Gill's paper is not peer-reviewed, the mathematical equivalence is stated in the first of the Belavkin papers above. My question is: Is Eventum Mechanics the same as CSL?
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