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Expanding universe & relativity

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    As we know we see the universe at points in its infancy when the universe was born however for us to be here to see the light we must have either 1) Gone faster than the speed of light and 2) always existed here somehow.

    Is there a general consensus that space actually expanded faster than the speed of light or is this so far still just theory? And how does this hold with relativity. (I see that space expanding > c while the particles themselves are < c would hold true)
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    Yes, there is a general consensus. There's nothing controversial about it. See e.g. this recent thread about it. (It's the thread where I finally understood how this works). If you look in the astronomy and cosmology forums you'll find lots of other threads about it.

    I don't follow your logic in the first paragraph. We have definitely not been here forever, and we haven't "gone" faster than the speed of light. The distance between two galaxies can increase faster than the speed of light without the galaxies moving at all.

    I also have to add that physicists never use the phrase "just a theory" except as a joke.
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