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Experiment for specific latent heat of fusion of ice

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    i need some help guys. see, i was doing my school-based assessment labs probably two months ago and as i was going to write up the report I lost my procedure of how to do the experiment. In the one I did, we didn't use any calorimeter like how they describe it when you google the experiment. from what i can remember we used a thermometer to stir ice in some warm water...i cant really remember anymore. any help would be appreciated.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Can you talk to your teacher?

    After all, you did the experiment. We didn't. It will be difficult for us to guess what the procedure was without having been there.
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    No I can't. He resigned a few days later. Nevermind though, I found the book.
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    The method for the Lab was:
    1. Found mass of empty cup
    2. Found mass of cup with water
    3. Recorded temperature of water
    4. Dried small peices of ice and melted them in water
    5. Kept adding ice until temerature was (your teacher should have given you a no.)
    6. Recorded info. found
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