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Experimental data in relativity

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    hi, im doing a project on special relativity (im 17, doing A level maths, further maths and physics)

    for this project, I need to analyse some data.

    can anyone tell me where on earth you can find data from experiments which give empirical evidence of special relativity, like muons arriving at the surface of earth, or data from michaelson-morley experiments being run and information on the strength of the magnets at CERN and the clock readings from GPS systems

    where on earth does a 17 year old get this stuff from?

    thanks in advance :)
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    Here is another time dilation - particle lifetime measurement. Brookhaven National laboratory stored muons with a Lorentz γ = 29.3 in a ring of magnets (storage ring) for up to 700 microseconds. See


    The measured lifetime was 64. 4 microseconds, compared to 2.2 microseconds for the muon at rest. See Fig.3. Calculate how far the muon traveled in 700 microseconds.

    Useful formula. The time-dilated decay length (the 1/e decay length) is L' = βγcτ, where
    τ is lifetime in the center of mass
    c= speed of light
    βγ are the Lorentz parameters.

    Bob S
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    i got β=0.999416325
    so then the distance covered is just x=vt so 0.999416325 x 3.0e8 x 700e-6
    =209877m so roughly 210km is that right?
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